The World is Waiting for You

2.83 Miles

At least 3 times a week I purposely sit with people who are working on ideas. It's a great way to learn new things and also keeps my creativity booming. Some of their ideas are about religious reform. Some of their ideas are about ending world famine. Some are fairly simple, like how to begin writing. Every week brings something/someone new.

I believe the people I trade moments with are going to put a larger dent in the world than I ever will. They're impassioned, resilient, and gloriously talented. My question after I listen intently is always the same, "When are you starting?"

And when the answer is that they haven't, it usually follows a statement like "I don't know where to start." The "where" hasn't changed since the dawn of civilization. No one wakes up dripping in genius. We may have genius within us, but nothing great manifests itself without agitation. Not pursuing an idea is a comfortable place. No massive judgement comes along with it. No one has the ability to critique our inaction. I was once told that the easiest thing in the world to have was, nothing.

But I believe the lifelong knots that tie in our stomachs from the regret of never moving forward are much worse than trying and failing. We don't live on earth ourselves. It's almost impossible to begin any journey without it affecting others. Since we are forced to be among other human beings it's important we comprehend how much our "starts" are interconnected.

Had Muhammad Ali not started boxing we may have never had the ability to call him a champion of life. We couldn't draw strength from his courage. He made the world brighter. At some point in time Ali decided to walk into a gym, put on gloves and fight his way into legend. Ali's start was no different than any of us. It consisted of the same 3 parts that face our world today uncertainty, ignorance, and doubt. None of three can be conquered without starting somewhere. We may have to find information, make a plan, or suffer embarrassment, but those are all optimum starting blocks. Whether it's for the world over, or the world of your immediate circle of loved ones, start today. It's a choice I have to make everyday for myself. I fail miserably at it all the time, as you will, but it's worth it. Believe me.


He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

- Muhammad Ali