"It's more than a book of poetry, it's a book of promise. A book of reflection as well as perception. It makes you think of your own current state and ideology as well as your perceived state and perceived "accepted" ideology. Are we free thinkers or are we following along a corridor that has been created by the same ones who enslaved our ancestors? Are we making a difference or are we just doing the same thing that didn't work, a different way? I think I'm different from all the others because I own a suit, but I'm reminded, they hung brothers in suits...I don't want to say much more because I don't want to give any of the content away, but this is 100% Truth. Take your time with this work of Art. Let it digest in your mind, then your soul, then get your body in motion." - Hamzah Abdullah

"Brilliant poetry from the brilliant mind of Tariq Toure. I follow Tariq on Twitter, so I had some very high expectations for this book based on what I had already seen from him. He not only met my expectations, but greatly surpassed them. This book has splendid poetry to go along with great images. I highly recommend this for any poetry fans." - Romaze

"Tariq Touré is Baltimore’s Black revolutionary voice. In the tradition of Amiri Baraka and James Baldwin, Touré masterfully uses his pen to attack white supremacy, expose systemic racism, and highlight the beauty that is the Black community." - DWatkins