Colin Kaepernick: For the Love of The Game


Yes sir Coach,

Yes sir Coach,

Yes sir Coach,

Yes sir Coach,


I throws the ball coach

I runs the ball coach

I catches the ball coach

I knows the ball coach

I holds the ball coach

I controls the ball coach



But you, you, you… owns the ball coach?



And this here field and them there stands,

and that there JumboTron, And them there fans, And oh Lord my fans, you ain't got to ask!

Just last week I signed a grown man’s forehead and the palms... of his newborn's hands



Oh boy they love me,

on my grandmomma's grave they surely do,

You know a bullet be the only thang

keepin this game from me and you.



God got to be a gifted artist

the ways I been picked and prodded.

Since sixteen I been lean whole hood knew

I’d get the farthest… away from our fathers

away from slaughters... away from coffins,

Can you believe, USC wanted me? 

They only pick the hardest. Three year starter.

2 All-Americans, Banker’s daughter.



This got to be a dream. See, see where I’m from you either Hustle, get high, get hit,

or hurdle defenders. But you take children

with trauma and tempers,

from august december.

Blow a whistle let them loose

tear limbs from the tendons.

Only the strong survive there you

betta remember






So me without a ball

is Clark Kent without a cape,

I knock a couple helmets off

they depositing my papes.

But wait... What you say?

44 shots? Three of em to the face?



Now wait...



Did he hold on to the steering wheel

was a smile up on his face!?

Did he say yes officer no officer

please check my registration

and my plates!?



Oh naw...



you know how we be bucking the law

too much damn attitude

get them weapons involved

So you saying he was unarmed?

And fit a description

wasn't no shakin it off?



They were looking for a

6’4” black male

245 lbs to be exact

And you sayin he was

reaching for his license

and got rounds up in his back?



Loud sounds

and then collapsed?



Well look here we got to do something

I means something gotta shake!

That could be me arms folded

cousins gettin consoled and

everybody huddled at my wake...



But my job is just to play!?



My foundation gave out

10,000 turkeys in the hood last year

What's more for me to say?

I don't wanna get cornered in debate.

We ain't supposed to mixing

this blessed game here with politics.

Plus there's mortgage in the way,

it's how I afforded the estate

But could I be mortgaging my play?

Could my legs be the leverage

that makes owners more

cordial with the tape?



And is a mouth wide shut,

and blind eyes open help

absorbing all the hate.

This game is all I've had for my escape!

and I escaped..



But I assure you they love me!

surely they'll understand today

So when I take this knee

as that anthem starts to play.

You think they could look at me

with this passion in my face

And truly be able to say,

this is the land of the free

and home of the brave?