Forgotten Nevers

Like we don't know how,

the asphalt on this road

gives for heavy feet

Like peach cobbler ain't always been

umbrella for depression’s rain

Like light from burning crosses

didn't reflect off window panes

Like Pop-pop ain't lay rifle cross lap

on Su’then porches


Like we ain't douse holy water on torches

Like Stokely ain't lay blueprint,

Like Assata don't breathe through these letters

Like Black mamas don't braid bullets into cornrows

Like we ain’t beat the Ma’afa,

Like we can't lay roses on Jim Crow’s tomb


Like Sankara never told us,

the oppressor was on our dinner plate

Like Nzinga never held country,

countryside and countrymen down

Like Medgar ain't sacrifice

everything, for the only thing

Like liberation is any. other. place.

than under our sternums


Like we ain't been surviving

Like TRiUMPh something new for us

Like (We ain't All) been needin freedom

Like the time ain't now

Like this road been crystal

Like you ain't supposed to,

keep climbing them stairs